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December 2020


New Day at The HOA

December, 2020 by Chris Bachman, SSL Editor & HOA Board member

Before I was elected to the board in 2019, I spent almost a year sitting in on HOA meetings and watching how they worked. At first all I could see and hear was the divisiveness created in the community by persons both on and off the board regarding several “hot button” topics. As disturbing as all that was as I listened, I found I had a growing list of things about the HOA that I felt could be improved upon and so I ran for a seat on the board in 2019, along with Hunt and Jessica, as part of Team JCH.

During the annual meeting and election in 2019 I stated several of my goals, changes I hoped to help bring about during my time in office. Unfortunately, the board at the time had other ideas and 2020 was a year of little accomplishment at the SSSFHOA.

As the new board members were elected this fall, I saw an opportunity to work towards a new, more progressive board once again, one that would look to change as something good for the owners rather than a threat to individual positions of board members. The new board members bring experience, a desire to do the right thing, and an openness to change I find refreshing.

At the first board meeting we held with the new board I presented a list of cleanup items, catch up work, and exciting new projects the board could undertake, all to get “our ship in order” and set off on a new course, a positive proactive one that would work for the benefit of all the owners in our great community. I am pleased to say that already the board members are working on several of these items.

I, along with most other board members, welcome and encourage input from the community and to that end you will find our contact information on the Board Members page on

My HOA "wish list" for 2021

  • Review HOA management contract
  • Improve the ROI on HOA accounts
  • Bylaws Review
  • Develop Community Outreach programs
  • Underdrain – Review and Report
  • Establish a fair CC&R Enforcement Policy
August 2020


State Of The Underdrains

July, 2020 A private report by Lucy and Clay Archer with contributions by Bradley Hornby

The Archers, along with Bradley Hornsby, took the time and effort to catalog the apparent state of the underdrain systems (we have two) and share it here with all who are interested.

These reports are not the product of nor are endorsed by either the HOA or SSL. They were compiled exclusively by Clay and Lucy Archer,with contributions by Bradley Hornsby.

July 2020


Cats At Large

July 13, 2020 | Harry Adelson, N.D.

I’ve been a homeowner in the Silver Springs neighborhood since 2015. I chose the neighborhood based on its proximity to my office, the abundance of parks/trails, and the density and variety of trees.

Trees? Don’t they block the view of the mountains? Perhaps. But apart from providing shade in the hottest months so my children can safely play outside, trees allow for the tremendous wildlife cohabitation we enjoy.

When I moved into my home five years ago, I was pleased to discover a young, small bunny rabbit lived under my house. Over the years, I would await his appearance every spring and would notice how much he had grown after his winter hibernation.

I generally awake very early, before dawn. As a dad of small children, this is my “me time”. During the spring/summer months, from 4am to 5am is when I watch my resident bunny hop around and nibble on grass. Then from 5am to 6am is when the resident songbirds go crazy, such a nice way for my wife to awaken. Then throughout the day, watching robins hop around eating worms had become a spectator event for me and my children.

This all changed when I got new neighbors with a large, dark-grey/black cat.

The rest of the story...

The first thing to go was the bunny, never to be seen again. Then, over a short period of time, the population of birds dropped dramatically. No more robins eating worms as a spectator event. My morning ritual has changed, too. Now 4am-5am is spent seeing the cat hunt my yard and 5am-6am, total silence… no more songbirds. Instead of the sound of songbirds at dawn, now my dog wakes us up several times per night chasing the cat away. I could put the bark collar on him (the kind that sprays citronella and is surprisingly effective), but his barking is really my only defense against this cat hunting my yard.

I’ve looked at the Summit County website and I see lots of laws addressing “dogs at large”, but don’t see anything about “cats at large”. I’m not sure what my rights are in this situation and am glad to see SilverSprings.Life take interest in the subject.

My request to all of my cat-owning neighbors is this: please show consideration for your neighbors and keep your cats in your house at night. Although nighttime marauding is fun for them, otherwise it only serves to piss off your neighbors and decimate the songbird and bunny population.

Harry Adelson, N.D.

The Dilema of Disrespectful Dogs & Owners

July 11, 2020 | Name withheld by request

My family went to Big Lake the afternoon of Father’s Day to enjoy the beautiful setting, kayak, and picnic. We had our two small (leashed) dogs with us, and there were a few other people there playing with their well-behaved dogs. We settled on our blanket and, just we began having our picnic, a small group of people arrived at the park with their two large dogs. The dogs, who appeared to be a Samoyed and a fat black Lab named Magic, promptly ran over to us, began bothering our dogs and lunging over us and across our blanket to get to our food. We restrained these dogs from our picnic and the owner ran over. He offered no apology or even acknowledged us; just spoke to his dogs and led them away. The Lab ran over again a short time later, beelining for our food. Same response, or lack thereof, from the owner. The dogs ran freely around for quite some time, bothering our pups and us several times while the owners merely stood by. 

We love dogs. We do not love it when owners clearly don’t have their dogs trained, and apparently think it’s acceptable to let them run over people, dive for their food, and race up to their leashed dogs.

The Silver Springs lakes provide a peaceful space for all residents to enjoy, and we are very grateful to have such gems in our neighborhood. Our family respectfully abides by the clearly posted rules, recognizing that to disregard them may well affect others’ enjoyment of this private park, as was evidenced by our experience. We ask that everyone act considerately of others, pick up and dispose of trash, and keep dogs under control.

September 2019


Welcome to the club for those who the board disdains.

Sept 12, 2019 | Lucy Archer

After more research I posted this information on the Facebook page for the Silver Springs Community:
Annual Meeting and Election on October 8, 2019 at St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 6: p.m.
Known, & Homeowner Supported, Candidates for our Ballot: HUNT WILLIAMS (currently only trustee who listens and is available for Homeowners rapport), JESSICA WILTSEE (open-minded, experienced with HOAs, supports Homeowners, transparency, fair playing field, honesty), CHRIS BACHMAN (online Silver Springs Life editor).

The rest of the story...

Paul Reddy sent emails bushwhacking Homeowners for support of his attempt at a comeback of the failed November 14, 1994 CCRs "with just a few changes" made by him. On Friday, September 6, 2019 Reddy emailed his request along with a link to his altered CCRs and a promise to send a ballot on Monday, September 9, 2019 to facilitate our Homeowners immediate vote for or against his CCRs.
Unfortunately, his hasty ballot failed to include the list of candidates who wanted to be on the HOA 2019 Election ballot.
Find the Silver Springs SF November 10,1994 CCRs at the Summit County Recorder website: Entry 00419440, Book 000851 Pages 00334-00339. They are recorded as an "Amendment to Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for Silver Springs Development Subdivisions." This is part of the name identification problem explained in my 9/9/2019 email Response to Reddy from Lucy Archer. This is only the beginning of the errors and over-reach Reddy wants to rush the Homeowners to pass without enough notice to read and study them.  
I have read all the 1994 Board Minutes. The November 9, 1994 Annual Replacement Meeting includes Announcement of the mailed out CCRs Proposed Modifications results, however, none of the Minutes indicate a vote on a final document by the Homeowners to approve them, much less to move ahead to record a modified version of six pages whittled down from the parent CCRs containing 35 pages. The 1994 document was recorded on November 17, 2019, includes only the board president's signature. There is no record of the board members or that the document received voted ratification by the Homeowners.
HIDDEN AGENDA MOTIVE: The 1994 CCRs are a direct line to the parent Silver Springs Developer's 1982 CCRs written for use to manage the entire Silver Springs Community of twelve subdivisions. In 1982 Silver Springs had approval mostly for condominiums and townhouses. Single-family homes do not fit into the 1982 and 1994 management and organization rules. Notice Reddy's CCRs carry forward the name "Silver Springs DEVELOPMENT SUBDIVISIONS. Why are we, the Single Family Homeowners being maneuvered into voting for outdated and unsuitable CCRs?    [I hate to even mention this, but if you have been keeping up with the debate in our neighborhood, Reddy's 1994 CCRs string leads to the underdrains 1982 documents.  Also unratified by Owners because it is a Developer's Association and he had full control of it.]
As far as I can see, the Homeowners votes to Ignore the Underdrains have each been disenfranchised.  A small group is very persistent to get their way regardless of what the County Commissioners, County Attorney, County Planners, Water company professionals, Weber Basin, USGS, etc. advise to the contrary.
Make your comments here or use Messenger or email to me.
Lucy Archer

Corrections to Newsletter

Sept 6, 2019 | Paul Reddy

Chris - I wanted to correct a few things you published in your most recent newsletter:

  • From memory at least, "the board" has not "recommended a few [candidates] they would like [owners] to vote for." Nominations are made by an independent Nominating Committee that (according to our bylaws) is made up of two non-board owners, and one board member. That's the case again this year - the board will not be nominating anyone, and any implication otherwise is misleading. You may want to check Article 5 of the bylaws for the details on this.

  • As you know, we're continuing the practice of publishing bios, and expanding that to all candidates this year, not just the nominated ones. So the implication that previous boards have asked owners to make a decision "based on nothing" seems like an overreach at best.

  • The compiled CC&Rs document was discussed and approved for a vote at the last meeting, so that won't be on Monday's agenda I trust you'll find a way to correct these for your readers.

Paul Reddy Silver Springs Single Family HOA

Read Editorial rebuttal...

Editor Comments:
(Disclosure - SSL Editor, Chris Bachman, is one of the candidates for election in 2019)

1) In the opinion of SSL, by means of 1) creating a “nomination committee” and 2) having it chaired by a board member and 3) selecting the other committee members, the board would appear to be in a position to exert some degree of influence over the selection process conducted by the "independent" committee when recommending candidates.

2) SSL supports full disclosure and transparency regarding ALL the candidates. A short bio for preferred candidates in the past was better than "nothing", true, but falls far short of full transparency. The short bio for ALL candidates as being offered by the board this year is a step in the right direction.

3) SSL stands corrected, the discussion is over and the voting BEGINS on Sept 9th.
May 2019


Lawns, Thing of the Past.

May 1, 2019 | Tina Smith

A lawn is a crop that is watered, with inputs of petrochemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides...harvested twice a month and thrown away. A trait that dates back to 18th Century English Nobility, a symbol of status that showed the owner could keep land that was not used for building nor food production. Lawns are a monoculture unable to sustain life. Dandelion season is about to beset us. One of the first foods (high in pollen, nectar and seeds) for emerging bees, butterflies and birds. (learn more) - Lawns - Lawns & Environment

Please consider your kids, pets and wildlife before releasing a glyphosate product into the environment. Thanks for your time, Tina

March 2019


CC&Rs - So, What Next?

March 8, 2019| Chris Bachman

As you may hae heard, the voting came in showing a record turnout. Congrats to all who voted, thank you.

The strong and passionate voice of those voting against the proposed CC&Rs was an interesting balance to the number of non-voters, 20%, many of whom indicated they just didn’t know what to believe. Read Survey Summary

The rest of the story...

The SSL survey, independent of the HOA, which was run directly after the voting ended resulted in a flood of owner comments, the majority of those comments indicating a growing concern with a specific handful of issues as well as a feeling that they lack adequate representation at the board level.

So now that the proposed CC&Rs were voted down…what happens next? Here is what we at SSL think should happen next and we hope the BoT agrees.

Step 1 – Conduct a more detailed survey
At the February 11th BoT meeting it was proposed by many that a survey be taken to discover how people felt about the CC&Rs and why they voted the way they did, this despite the fact a survey had already been taken.

Step 2 – Involve Owners from outside the BoT circle to participate on the committees.

It was also brought up at the meeting that the BoT needed to include more owners in the committees, not just a few handpicked by the board. It was noted that some “committees” only had one person on them. Paul Reddy, President of the HOA, opened the floor to volunteers to be on a number of committees and some new faces now are part of several committees. The CC&R rewrite committee was not included in the volunteering process with Paul opting to “pause” that process.

Step 3 – Form a NEW CC&Rs Rewrite committee with more non-BoT affiliated owners.

The CC&R Rewrite committee until now typically consisted of just one or two people. The same people who served as the Underdrain committee. Several people at the February meeting pointed out that not only did that number barely constitute a “committee” at all but that the fact that these people were so enmeshed in the HOA that maintaining an unbiased perspective would be difficult at best. It was strongly and repeatedly suggested that the BoT make sure that going forward the CC&Rs rewrite committee embrace a wider spectrum of the owners at large.

*Note: SSL hopes and expects that at the March 11 BoT meeting that the board will establish a non-partisan Survey committee, along with a new non-partisan CC&R rewrite committee, embracing a range of owners from both sides of the fence.

January 2019


Why I'm Voting "No" on the CC&Rs

January 18, 2019 | Chris Bachman
Download as PDF

As we close in on the final days of voting on the proposed CC&Rs rewrite, there are a lot of you who are undecided. About 50% of owners still need to vote. So I thought that sharing my personal opinion on why I voted the way I did might give those of you interested another perspective.

I have been to just about every meeting there has been on this topic, sat in on Board of Trustee (BoT) meetings, spoken with dozens of owners, had email comments from others…and, I have read through the various versions of the rewrite as well as any of us can. I therefore offer the following personal evaluation of how I see things...

The rest of the story...

New Nominating Committee Rules

This one is a solid win for everyone. Gone is the old process where the Nominating Committee selects the people it wants to support, and those people get pushed to the top of the list of candidates. That resulted in a perpetuation of a certain ideology within the BoT. The new definition of the Nominating Committee is one where the role is to encourage and support anyone and everyone who wishes to submit their name.

Underdrain I give the Underdrains a draw. Here’s why.

The Good. Paul Reddy was instrumental in getting language placed in the documents affording the owners a much higher degree of protection against unwarranted HOA intrusion onto their property. Thanks, Paul!

Now, the Bad. Here is the long and the short of it. Responsibility is different than Ownership.

Responsibility: The HOA has been maintaining the underdrain for several years now, which seems to be the accepted norm. This carries with it an assumption of at least some level of responsibility. It seems the dust has settled on this part of the issue and the prevailing feeling is that “fine, go ahead and maintain them”. Note that even just maintaining them is at odds with virtually every outside source from County to non-involved attorneys.

Ownership: Let me ask you this: If you were buying a home wouldn’t you insist on knowing the condition of the home first? How about how much the taxes and insurance were going to be? What about the mortgage? You would want to know all of those things before agreeing to take ownership, wouldn’t you?

Well, we have a similar situation with the underdrains. You are being asked to take ownership by way of including them in the CC&Rs, yet you aren’t being given any details about costs. And, the cost is NOT $11/lot/year. That is just what the HOA has been spending recently on some minor annual maintenance.

I posed a list of Unanswered Underdrain Questions to the HOA and the Underdrain Committee back on January 6th expecting they would provide answers in a timely fashion. They have, however, declined to answer these questions. The best I can get from them is that these questions can only be answered once we take ownership. Huh? Why? And, no, the information on the official SSSFHOA website does not answer these questions.

To summarize:

  • We have been handling the Responsibility outside of the CC&Rs just fine.
  • Despite the unquestionably large amount of work done by Bill Noland (thank you Bill!), there remain some very important unanswered questions which I feel should be answered before asking us all to take on Ownership.

Home Rentals Lease Term – 12 months minimum

Whoa! Hold the presses…apparently, this requirement does not exist!

At this week’s BoT meeting, neighbor Richard Callahan brought to the board’s attention that there is no minimum 12-month lease requirement in the CC&Rs. In fact, the only recording pertaining to rentals clearly   indicates that the minimum lease term is one (1) month. This was confirmed at the Wed. Q&A session, where the actual document was produced and Paul Reddy conceded that there was no 12-month lease requirement they could produce to substantiate their repeated claims of same. The fact is that we have this right already and the proposed CC&Rs take it away!

That this restriction has been touted as the existing standard when Richard and Hunt both claim to have shared this fact with Brian Zilvitis (i.e., the BoT) back in the fall of 2018, makes it an UNQUESTIONABLE DEAL BREAKER.

  • This should stay as is with a minimum 1 month lease period.

100% Vote required to dissolve HOA

While it would be a unique situation requiring the HOA to be dissolved, we have the right to do so. This clause would try to take that right away. Here is the problem…It isn’t legal.

Utah Community Association Act Section 57-8a-104(1)(a)(i)(A) of the Utah Code expressly states: “To amend the governing documents, the governing documents may not require . . . the vote or approval of lot owners with more than 67% of the voting interests.

We are currently at 51% vote required to pass something like this and the way voting goes around here, that seems like more than reasonable. Trying to change this to 100% is simply insulting, not to mention unenforceable.

  • This one needs to go away entirely. The proper language is already at the State level where it belongs.

Voting access

Lastly, and sadly, is an issue which came up a week ago when I learned that the board had availed itself of voting records and then used those records to send a targeted message to those who hadn’t voted. 

Prior to the voting there was concern amongst residents that the voting for a matter as important as this be handled in a fair and impartial manner; i.e., that neither the board nor anyone in the association should have access to voting records or be allowed to use those records to sway the vote. In order to facilitate this, the board retained the John Richards Law Office to oversee the voting. We even had John Richards himself assuring owners that the board has not had access to the voting records.

So, what happens? The board accesses the records and then sends out a targeted email to non-voters attempting to sway them to vote in favor of the proposed CC&Rs. Ethics, anybody?

What they should have done was send a blanket (blind) email to ALL owners encouraging them to review the proposed docs and to cast their vote either way.  HUGE thumbs down.

  • Shouldn’t have happened…plain and simple.

Chris Bachman
Silver Springs Owner & Editor of Silver Springs Life



An opinion on the new transit system lines....

January 1, 2019

I am a Silver Springs resident (1554 Meadows Connection) and frequent user of our awesome transit system. Unfortunately due to the recent changes to the transit lines, the HUNDREDS of residential units in Silver Springs are now stranded, with little to no options on the public transit line. We as a neighborhood need to raise our voices to let the Transit Center know these changes hurt our ability to use public transit....

The rest of the story...

The #7 Pink line used to, and still does, run through Silver Springs. Unfortunately, it now terminates around the Canyons base, meaning we have to transfer to the White bus to make it to Main Street. While this is not detrimental, it is an inconvenience and adds at least 10-15 minutes to the trip from Silver Springs to Main Street. When you can drive to Main Street in 10 minutes or so, adding 10-15 minutes to an already 10-15 minute trip is mind-boggling. 

Despite this, the true problem lies with the fact that I, nor the hundreds of residential units around me, can now not get a bus from the Canyons station to Silver Springs past 11:08pm. It seems the only option is the Electric Express, which stops no where near the hundreds of residential units in Silver Springs. I now can not take the bus to night-shifts at work or to Main Street for late night entertainment.

A very simple solution to this would be requiring the #10 White bus to come through Silver Springs on the same route as the #7 Pink. This way, Silver Springs residents would have a direct option to the Main Street transit center, with very little change to current transit lines.

Silver Springs is one of our largest, full-time, year-round resident neighborhoods. Please help bring back an option for us to take public transportation from Silver Springs to Main Street, with late night routes and no transfers.

Others are raising their voices as well, I have attached an image showing a recent letter to the editor in the Park Record that raises similar points. Thanks, Brian Mehregan