SSSFHOA: 2021 Goals & Accomplishments


This page represents the goals that I, the SSL Editor, Chris Bachman, hope to see the HOA accomplish during 2021, my second year as an HOA board member. It is NOT an official list generated by the SSSFHOA and merely reflects one board member's hopes. As items are accomplished, or not, the status of each will be recorded here.

After meeting and discussing priorities with a number of residents, as well as other board members, I believe these to be the priority punch-list. By stating them here in the open I hope to create an encouragement for follow through.
You are welcome to let me know how I am doing. Editor@SilverSprings.Life 


Goal #1: Improve the ROR on monies held in trust by the HOA.

As many of you know, this is not a period of high returns on money in the bank. Still, I feel it was remiss of boards past to not make sure the return on the money in the HOA accounts was earning the best rate possible. I believe there was/is a fiduciary responsibility to handle such resources in a fiscally responsible manner. As such, my first goal for the new year is to make sure we are at least earning a competitive rate of return on your money. ACCOMPLISHED

Goal #2: Review & Revision of Bylaws

There is some funky stuff in here. From the "Nominating Committee" to the provisions for officer replacement to election processes and more, this document needs a thorough review and revisions as appropriate. IN PROGRESS

Goal #3: Management Contract Review & Revision

Our current management contract with Model HOA is due to expire spring of 2021. While I have little to complain about, I do feel that contracts of years past may be somewhat out of tune with our current needs and the path forward. I hope the board will review our needs and options in regard to an HOA management contract and make the decision that serves us best going forward.

Goal #4: Assess Financial Position of SSSFHOA 

In the past years, a LOT of money has been collected and spent on legal fees, underdrain costs, and document rewrites. Much of that is behind us for the most part. Now is the time for some review of monies and how they are handled. Since I was elected Treasurer for the 2021 term, I think it a responsibility to take a good look at this aspect of the HOA and suggest changes as may be indicated.

Goal #5: Improve Communication to Owners

Ever since launching SSL I have heard from owners how refreshing it is to have a source of news, to be kept abreast of things going on in the neighborhood. I am going to be proposing to the HOA board that the HOA make use of the SSL platform as a means of communicating with the community. Perhaps a dedicated page on the site where the HOA can post its news and reports?

Goal #6: Review & Compile "Balanced" Underdrain Report

Wouldn't you like to know the facts behind the UD? Not just the fear and falsehoods, from all sides? I promised during my campaign to dig into this topic and to do my best to uncover the facts and get them out to the owners. Expect a report on the findings in Spring of 2021. 

Goal #7: Develop Community Betterment Programs

Silver Springs is a community. The better the community the more enjoyable it is to live in, and the more other people want to live here too. Whether it is a community wide yard sale, a call for rainbows and teddy bears in windows during the quarantine of 2020, a community party in the park, or encouragement of healthy living, community betterment programs help make the community a better place to live...they also do nice things for property values.  

Goal #8: Establish a Fair CC&R Enforcement Policy 

CC&Rs are the community guidelines and rules agreed to by the residents as a means of keeping balance in the community and maintaining the "happy". During COVID the HOA relaxed enforcement a bit and also heard from residents about what was important to enforce and what was maybe not so important. Identifying the priorities and establishing a common sense, and respectful, means of enforcement is important to maintaining that "happy" balance.