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Silver Springs Community Residents
You're Invited!

The Silver Springs Master HOA
Proudly Presents
2020 - Party In The Park


August 29 from 3:00PM - 8:00PM (or...)
Big Lake Park

Save The Date!

Note that this party is paid for and sanctioned by the Master HOA and all members, their family and guests are invited. Chris at SilverSprings.Life is spearheading the planning and event sign-ups, so check there for event, volunteer and up-to-date information.       |              SilverSprings.Life

Volunteers Needed ! - Click for Information & To Volunteer (thank you!)
The following information has not been updated from 2019 but does provide a general overview of what to expect in 2020...only BETTER!

Mister Sister Trio

4:30 - 7:30
One of the most sought-after musical groups in Park City turned down other offers so they could come play the Party in the Park. And we are so glad they did! You will love this magical trio of musicians as they play from a song list which is all over the board but filled with everybody’s favorites. From Peter, Paul and Mary to OutKast… Alison Kraus to AniD’Franco… Crosby, Stills and Nash to Simon & Garfunkel… to The Judds. You can count on Great Guitar and Great Fun! Click to Check them out!

Facepainting & Balloon Art

3:30 - 5:30 (approx.)
Lines form early for this favorite with the kids. We are planning for two facepainting sessions of about 45 minutes each with a 30 minute balloon-art show in between. We suggest getting there by 3:15 so as to get in line and to not miss any of the water events!

Wacky Regatta Images







Wacky Regatta PRIZES




Wacky Regatta Information

4:15 (line up at 4:00)

Want to have some fun?! Grab your kayak, pedal boat, or paddleboard, and dress it, and you, up any way you want to. Get creative with your ideas, the more festive, fun and wacky the better! You'll join other wacky watercraft on the parade route and at the end the judges will decide who takes home the "Best Wacky of 2019" award!

Need a watercraft? Borrow one of the loaners we'll have on site but...register early or they may be gone! Email Editor@SilverSprings.Life to get on the list to borrow one.

NOTE: Crafts don't have to be as extravagant as the pictures here. Just grab a costume, stick a stuffed unicorn on your SUP...and away you go!

Prize Categories:

ADULT: Ages 18 and up
PRIZE - You'll be competing for the Regatta Crown & Royal Lei and $50 Bill White Gift Certificate. Believe WANT that crown, you will wear it with pride...the Lei is pretty nice too. Good luck!
YOUTH: Ages 12 - 17
PRIZE - Bring out your best costume, decorations, whatever... winner takes home an Inflatable Paddleboard complete with pump, paddle, case...all the good stuff!
KIDS: Ages 6 - 11
PRIZE - Let your creative side shine and have some fun! Best in this class takes home a set of Two River Rafts complete with pump, paddles, case...everything for you and a friend to have fun on the water!


PRIZES – Take home a 2-person Inflatable Kayak….and, a $50 gift certificate to Bill White restaurants to thank mom & dad for their support. Everybody in the family wins!

To qualify - Make a watercraft which floats and isn't based on an existing craft i.e. no SUPs, kayaks, canoes, peddle boats. Maneuver it around a special section of the course without sinking.

Dads (and Moms) this is a dream come true!
Your chance to squeeze one more amazing thing into your child's summer!

Think of a cross between a Soap Box Derby and a Cardboard Boat Race. Got it? Yup...if it floats and your kid made it...(with your help is OK) you could be the proud parent of a very wet and happy kid.

Note: Race will be a short course in the protected end of the lake with a lifeguard standing by.


Regatta RULES:

* (non-motorized craft ONLY)
1) - Participants responsible for cleanup of their craft from lake.
2) - SOAP BOAT - Craft may NOT be dependent on a preexisting craft. i.e no disguised dinghies, dressed up SUPs, covered kayaks, etc. (lots of stuff floats - get creative!)
3) - Craft must be able to complete a loop course of appx 300' around buoys
4) - Your picture will be taken and may be used for fun purposes- you give all rights for this by entering.
5) - Judging is for Best Design, Most Creative, " actually floated!" - judge's decision is final.
5) -Life vests (PDF) are required for kids categories including Soap Boat.

Register your intent to participate by emailing: Editor@SilverSprings.Life
* rules subject to change without notice.

NEW Playground Unveiling !


A brand new expanded playground with wonderful new equipment was being installed during July and the official unveiling will be at the Party in the Park. This was the equipment which got the rave remarks and all thumbs-up from the kids on the selection committee... so bring your kids and explore the fun!


Paddle For The Roses

6:30 (line up at 6:15)

You will LOVE this! Picture twelve buckets anchored in the lake. Each bucket holds a dozen flowers uniquely labeled to that bucket. Your job is to get to each bucket, any way you want to: kayak, paddleboard, raft, etc, collecting one rose from each bucket and then be the first (or second or third) one back to the finish line with a complete set of a dozen flowers, one from each bucket. Oooohhh....this will be FUN! ...Get your cameras ready

PRIZE - You'll be competing for the coveted Golden Paddle, a Royal Lei and $50 Bill White Gift Certificate. This is an amazing prize package you will cherish and show off all year long. Good luck!

Magic Show

5:30 (approx.)

A 30-minute magic show filled with "Ooohs" and "Aahhhs" awaits those young and old alike. Find a piece of grass to get comfortable on and be prepared to be AMAZED.

All the way from Salt Lake City ...this is a show not to be missed.


Paddleboard Yoga - Intro Lessons

3:30 -  4:00 (1 lesson for sure - more if interest allows)

You have wondered what it would be like (it's fun!), you wondered if you could do it (you can!), you have even been praying for an opportunity to give it a try, surrounded by supportive friends and neighbors (who will share the pics with you later). Well... Now is your chance!!

Lindsey Marshall of Eventful Yoga is going to be offering a complimentary paddleboard lesson at 3:00 PM. She will also be on hand for a couple hours afterwards to answer questions in case you miss the Intro Lesson.


Giant BBQ & Pot Luck

5:00 - 7:00

The Big Lake Grill Meisters, Paul Stangeland & Les Carriel, return with their amazing grill show featuring: Chicken, Hot Dogs, and Burgers! (oh yeah!)

Pot Luck - Everybody is encouraged to pitch in and bring a dish, PLEASE. We will be organizing an online list-of-dishes being brought so you can check before committing. Please click here for the list for dish availability, then drop an email to Editor@SilverSprings.Life and let us know what you would like to bring. Thanks!

What to Bring - if your surname begins with A-L bring a side dish; M-Z bring a dessert.


Bounce Houses - Big & Small

3:00 - 7:00

Need we say more?

Adult Monitors Needed - We need adult supervision for both bounce houses. Please let us know if you can take a time slot. Thanks  (Review Volunteer List)


Lawn Games & Lazing in the Shade

Bring your favorites - just be prepared to share.


Paddleboard Demos

We hope to have at least 10-12 paddleboards available for use during the afternoon. Details are still being worked out. If anyone in Silver Springs can loan us a board or a kayak, we would be ever so grateful.

Whatever we end up with, we will have paddleboard pros as well as lifeguards on hand to help get you started so, if you have ever wanted to try...this is your chance.


Photo Contest

Bring your camera or just your phone. Take a bunch of photos. Share them with SilverSprings.Life and we will post a gallery of the best ones on the website.

Since we are billing it as a contest, we will be working on contest rules and prizes. Stand by, we will post them here.

You are coming, aren't you?