About Silver Springs Life

Chris Bachman

Hi, I’m Chris Bachman. My wife Carina and I have been living in the Silver Springs neighborhood for almost 15 years. I’ve often found it difficult to learn what was going on behind the scenes in Silver Springs, or even with the other neighborhoods which make up the Silver Springs area.

Why an Independent SS website?

Simply put, HOA boards get busy, and as a result the outreach efforts by the various HOA’s leaves a lot to be desired, as I think many of you would agree. So, being a website developer and a marketing person, I have a pretty good handle on things like email marketing, creating impactful newsletters, and building informative websites.  Perhaps because of this I have been asked over the years to handle websites and communications for both the SSFHOA and for the Master’s Assoc. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, these undertakings never seemed to really get off the ground.

What To Expect

Level, balanced publishing of news items that pertain to the neighborhood. From the CC&Rs rewrite vote and the questions brewing around that to what the Master’s Assoc. has planned for 2019, we’ll do our best to keep you up-to-date and informed. We will also be conducting surveys, asking for input from owners on things such as what new amenities you would like to see, should there be new stop signs installed; even whether we should pursue and encourage our neighborhood to transition to a “Dark Skies” neighborhood. The survey results we have agreed to share with the HOA’s to help them better respond to the wishes of the association members.

How Often Will We Publish?

As often as is needed. While I think a newsletter every two to three months would be enough in most years, during the weeks ahead while the CC&Rs vote is taking place, you will likely see three to four emails from us as we gather and report information pertaining to the vote. Rest assured, these are not angry email blasts siding with one faction or another; we’ve all had enough of that, but rather an attempt to ask and answer some of the questions owners have voiced about the CC&R’s in hopes of making the voting process a more educated one.

Please know that I am always open to constructive comments and suggestions. If you would like to contact me please drop an email to Editor@SilverSprings.Life